NOVEMBER 5th - 7th, 2019


Vanilla 2019 will be held the week of November 5th - 7th, 2019 in Moshi, Tanzania. This meeting will focus on the future of vanilla and vanillin. Given the growing importance of Tanzania, Uganda, and neighboring countries in the vanilla industry, we felt it was the right time to hold a vanilla meeting in the region. We must support the farmers and producers in this part of the world (and as they are up and coming).


There is an ongoing crisis in the supply of cured vanilla beans. The price of cured beans has made vanilla a luxury almost no one can afford. To make matters worse, there is a decrease in quality of cured beans presently on the market, because of inappropriate curing practices. End users seek to resolve this problem by formulating new flavors containing vanillin from natural sources, and other natural ingredients. The industry, however, wants to continue the use of properly cured and reasonably priced vanilla beans. Since the last meeting in 2017, the situation has only gotten worse: almost half the consumption of vanilla beans vanished, only to be replaced by Natural Vanilla WONF and others. It will take years to go back to Natural Vanilla.


Vanilla 2019 will focus on the instability of vanilla production and supply. The agenda will consist of lectures and discussion on the origin of instability, what might be done to remedy this problem, promises and challenges in vanilla production in various global regions, prospects for vanilla production in new regions, and new methods for the production and curing of vanilla beans.


In addition to the man-made crisis of vanilla today, we do have an up-and-coming crisis regarding Fusarium, which poses a major threat to the spice. Production in Mexico is minimal; the disease is spreading through the transfer of cuttings from location to location, without properly checking them. We will devote an entire section to reducing spread of the disease.


We have included two post-meeting trips: an incredible Safari on Friday, November 8th & and a trip to beautiful Waterfalls and Local Shops on Saturday, November 9th.  We've done both of these excursions and they are amazing and safe.  Sign up here.




Online visa application website:


A regular visitor visa is allowed for conference attendees.  More information can be found here:


Other requirements:

  • Travelers must have a yellow fever vaccination card (these are now valid for a lifetime)

  • Passports must be valid for more than 6 months from the date of travel

  • Visitors from certain (mainly African) countries do not need a visa (listed here)


If you need assitance in booking your trip to Tanzania or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly - We're here to help.


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George A. Rosskam