This trip will be modified to include shopping at the Moshi shops and markets:


This very impressive waterfall is one of the tallest in the area, spewing crystal clear glacier water 70m into its basin. The beautiful path leading to Materuni Waterfall traverses through valleys and hills covered by tropical rainforest, coffee plantations, banana and avocado farms. As this trip is so close to Moshi town, it is ideal for those with limited time, but who would still like to see some of the nature and beauty that this region of Tanzania has to offer. Visit Uru village, approximately 18km from Moshi, and experience a guided coffee tour to see how coffee is grown, harvested and roasted, and meet local farmers who produce some of the world's finest coffee on the upper inhabited slopes of Kilimanjaro. You will be guided by the local farmers to a nearby small holding coffee farm to take part in the whole process of picking, drying and roasting your own cup of coffee.